Prime Interiors is a top auto upholstery shop and a leader in the automotive interior repair and restoration industry. Specializing in upholstery and vinyl repair, leather care, car seat cushions, custom car upholstering, interior auto restorations and complete interior detailing. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and fast, friendly service. We repair and install luxury leather car seats, replace seat foam and repair seat frames. We clean and repair automotive carpets, floor mats, seat belts, armrests and panels. We also repair, clean and condition home furnishings.

Auto Upholstery Shop, Leather Seat Repair

If you need to repair a leather car seat or replace a leather seat, visit our store in Ballard to shop and compare prices. We excel in leather and car seat upholstery repair.

Do you have a tear in a leather car seat, cracked leather car seats or need to refurbish leather car seats? Do you have a ripped car seat, dog damage or a cigarette burn? Bring your vehicle to Prime Interiors. We’ll explain what needs to be done, then provide a free repair estimate.

Repair Car Upholstery

We’ve been installing cloth, vinyl and leather auto interiors for over ten years. We also repair and replace headliners, carpet sets for cars, floor mats, truck seats and car seats. We install faux leather car seat covers, seat heaters and adjustable lumbar supports. The automotive upholstery experts and car seat upholsterers at Prime Interiors are interior car design and leather car seat specialists. Why put up with something that doesn’t suit your style when you can reupholster a car seat with better fabrics? Even something as simple as upgrading accent colors and car seat foam replacement can create a fresh look.

Repair & Recover Auto Consoles

You might be surprised at how often automotive consoles need to be repaired. In most cases, the fabric used in the manufacturing process is not very good. If the cover is constantly being opened and closed by young kids with grubby hands and ragged fingernails you’re asking for trouble. Pets are also notorious for damaging car interiors. Puppies seem to think anything wrapped in expensive leather is a chew toy.

Repairing a kid-damaged or dog-damaged console often requires more than replacing the mangled cover. In some cases, the console will need a foam rebuild. Give us a call or email us pics of your damaged console and we’ll take it from there.

Replace Car Carpets

Automotive carpeting is pretty durable, but accidents happen. Maybe somebody spills bleach on the carpet or a paint can tips over. Maybe the kids make a mess or the family dog has an accident. Water can be just as troubling. If your car leaks, the carpet will probably get soaked. At first you may not notice the damage, but you’ll eventually get the message thanks to the ripe smell of mold and mildew. In some cases, OEM carpeting can’t be removed without damaging the padding. The only choice is to replace the damaged carpet with a set molded for your vehicle or start from scratch with new carpet. Here are some popular colors: