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Re-Dye Your Aging Leather

You’ve noticed the issues of color rub-off in your leather furniture and car seats. They have bleached out to nearly white in some places. Is it time to replace them? Not so early. Consider a professional leather dyeing color change service and slide onto clean, smooth seats. Our mobile leather dyeing studio comes to your home or business premises to fix color fading in your treasured furniture and automobiles.


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Leather Dyeing Service Available

If it’s a fading couch, cushion, chair, or car seat, Prime Interiors leather dyeing knocks off uneven, dull coloring and restores leather texture and durability. We have an array of automotive and leather furniture dyeing colors to pick from that mix easily, dry uniformly to create interesting middle tones, and don’t come off when fully dry. Whether you want a stylish makeover with a leather dyeing color change service or perhaps need a slight pigment, we welcome the opportunity to revive any leather item, regardless of its condition or complexity.

Leather Furniture Dyeing Come To You!

Prime Interiors keeps your leather looking its best with the convenience of onsite services. We bring leather furniture dyeing service to your location while car leather dyeing at your driveway, with no disruption to your daily life. Our mobile team can come for small touch-ups, or provide the professional finish you desire for an entire leather piece. Moreover, with the right skill and expertise for any color repair and restoration services across California, the process is really easy. Our dyeing leather experts arrive at your place on time and promptly move the furniture outside for odor-free experience of leather dyeing color change services.

Why Do I Need Professional Leather Dyeing Services?

Dyeing leather might be tempted as a DIY project, especially with available dyeing kits over-the-counter. However, leather re-dyeing is a big decision. It can either breathe new life or, if done incorrectly, can cause irreversible damage once for all. With minor mishandling chances, it’s crucial to understand that either indoor, outdoor furniture or car leather dyeing is not as simple as applying a coat of paint. Your leather pieces need to be cleaned, conditioned, and prepared to ensure the stain adheres properly. Prime Interiors understands your investment, and that’s why our leather dyeing color change services back with the tools and training required to get the job done right.

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Our professional full-color change and leather dyeing services are here to take your leather back to perfect. Ensuring that leather in your home, office, and ride gets renewed elegance and timeless appeal, our durable pigments come in various colors and finishes, creating a versatile fit to suit different styles and designs.

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People were ready to give it away until they found our unmatched restoration of leather furniture and turned into such a happy camper. No matter how old, dirty, or cracked the furniture looked, we got the leather repair done with perfect color match. Here are just a few glimpses.

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No More Fading With Leather Dyeing


Say goodbye to fading and get a perfect leather dyeing with a brand-new look. At Prime Interiors, our fast and reliable dyeing service delivers a stress-free transformation on time and fair price, minimizing your budget and maximizing your satisfaction.

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