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Cracked & Torn Leather Repair

No.1 Choice for Car Seat And Leather Furniture Repair Services At Your Time and Place With the Fraction of Replacement Cost!

Restore Automotive & Furniture Leather

Has your beloved leather furniture and car lost its glory? Do scratches and tears dim its original elegance? Sweat not. Our expert leather repair is here to breathe new life into your cherished furniture and fix the bolster in your car. We help extend your investment lifespan in your home or business.


Based on size, condition, and style


Mobile Leather Repair


Averages 1-2 Days


California-Wide Services

Leather Upholstery Repair Available

This list is not exhaustive. We can restore the beauty of all things leather. If you are searching for car seat custom restoration or leather furniture repair, Prime Interiors got you covered. Our team of skilled craftspeople is equipped with decades of experience and a keen eye for detailed leather repair services.

You Won’t Need To Move. We Come To You!

Your current leather furniture is not performing as well as you hoped it would. You want to find an expert leather repair but don’t want to drag and move your furniture. If so, then you need Prime Interiors. We offer an affordable onsite restoration of leather furniture of all kinds, from sofas to couches, cushions, chairs, and car seats. Our one-roof leather repair services can help save your time and keep your money drying out.

Why Do I Need Leather Reupholstery Services?

Your first instinct may be, it’s convenient to buy new leather furniture or upgrade your car. We ask, why not renew what you already have? The leather in your home lounge, office space, and car seat covers still has a lot of life in it. Besides that, many memories are embedded within the leather that you can’t transfer to a new piece. Throwing away those memories will hurt, and you don’t want that. If you want to keep the sentimental value while saving good chunks of cash, then you should seek restoration of leather furniture.

Don’t know where to take a chance on leather furniture repair and vehicle seat restoration?

Prime Interiors Leather Repair Is Here

If there are any signs of wear and tear showing up on your leather, we‘re here to support you 24/7. Get the new look you want with 100% quality restoration of leather furniture.

View Our Work

People were ready to give it away until they found our unmatched care for leather restoration and turned into such a happy camper. No matter how neglected, dirty, or cracked the furniture looked or the sun-scorched car seating, we got the leather repair done with a perfect color match dyeing. Here are just a few snapshots of revitalized treasures.

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Get All Your Leather Repair On Time!

Prime Interiors has an efficient setup of mobile leather repair. Our professional team of leather furniture repair services and automobile seat restoration guarantees that your home and ride will look new again in a timely manner with minimal stress and no hefty cost.

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